Blackmart APK Latest Version For Android, iOS [Free Download]

Blackmart APK: For those looking to download Blackmart apk & ios – here is a complete guide about the features of the app and to download it. Blackmart is an application created for the Alpha Blackmart android market. Download exciting apps through Blackmart.

What is Blackmart apk ?

The Google Play Store on the Android market has opened up the world of Android users to various kinds of exciting applications and games. However, there are many kinds of premium apps which you will require to purchase, and it is possible that you might not enjoy using the app anymore after purchasing it.

Blackmart is a black market app; which basically means that this app is not available on the Google Play Store. The Blackmart apk & ios app does not comply with the terms and policies of Google Play Store, hence the app was removed from the Google Play Store.

However, for those users who still wish to use and enjoy the features and benefits of Blackmart apk & ios, it is possible to download the apk file and install it on to your Android devices or even your PC. You can then enjoy all of the amazing features and the benefits of the Blackmart app.

The Blackmart app opens up an entirely new world of apps and games for users. On the Blackmart app, users can download as well as update all kinds of applications which they might find on the Google Play Store. The added benefit of the Blackmart app is that you will find many kinds of applications on this market which are not available on the Google Play Store.

The Blackmart app also allows users to enjoy using premium apps for some time before they decide to purchase them. This is quite helpful as users will get a feel of how the premium app works out for them before spending their money on purchasing the app.

Users can enjoy browsing through many types of categories of apps on the Blackmart market. Every app can be downloaded and used for free. You can also skip the lengthy and tedious registration process for downloading and using the different apps. On the Blackmart app, you can simply download and install absolutely any application that you want for free in a very simple and easy process.

Blackmart apk

App NameBlackmart APK
App version0.99.2.77B
Last UpdatedFeb 1, 2018
Apk size3.9 MB
Minimum Android VersionAndroid 2.3.2 Gingerbread

Once you download the Blackmart apk, you will be able to use the Blackmart market to browse through hundreds of categories of apps and games, all for free. Try out all the premium apps which you would have to pay for on other app markets for free on the Blackmart app.

Amazing features of Blackmart apk

The Blackmart app is a black market app which opens up a whole new world for android users to find new apps. In case there are certain apps which you cannot find on the Google Play Store, you will most definitely find these apps on the Blackmart apk & ios. Here are some of the best features of the Blackmart app:

  • You never have to worry about facing language barriers no matter where you are positioned on the globe. Browse through all the different languages and choose one which you prefer to continue using your Blackmart app in that particular language.
  • One of the best parts about the blackmart app is that once you download an app of your choice, you are not required to go through the length and boring process of registering yourself on the application. Simply download and start using the app instantly!
  • Try out different premium apps for free! If you were to look for the same apps on the Google Play store, you would have to pay for the app, however, on the Blackmart app, you can use these premium apps completely for free!
  • You will not be facing any of the usual issues which come with subscribing, canceling subscriptions or inputting different payment methods as you can enjoy all of the apps on Blackmart for free!
  • Download all your favourite apps even quicker on the Blackmart app!

Download Blackmart apk on your device:


  • An Android device with minimum Android Gingerbread (2.3.2) installed on it
  • A PC or iOS device
  • Blackmart apk and iOS download link

Download Blackmart apk & iOS:

The Blackmart app is not available on the Google Play Store, instead, you will need to download the apk file and install it on your device. Here are the simple steps to download Blackmart apk on your device:

  1. You will first need to give your Android device permissions to download third party apps on your device. In order to allow, visit the Settings option on your device, open Security, and check the box to allow third party apps to download on your device.
  2. Now, visit your web browser and search for the download link of Blackmart apk.
  3. Once you have located the link, click on it and wait till the entire file downloads on your device.
  4. You are now ready to start using Blackmart apk on your Android device!

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