How to fix Epson error 0x97

This is one of the most common errors that the users are facing these days. The worst part is that errors like these always stop your productivity and make your life miserable. There are people who just want to print the documents which are important to them, there are people who want to submit their printed copies to an important organization. This error will specifically block your printer from working and hence you will not be able to print anything even when you want to.

There are loads and loads of fixes available all over the internet, but not all of them work on all the computer. The reason is that there are variations in how this error works in different computers. The best thing to do for the users, in this case, is luckily finding a solution by wasting their time jumping from website to website in order to solve it. That is the reason we are providing you with this comprehensive guide which will help you solve all your errors as soon as possible, and you will be able to boost your productivity in no time. This guide consists of all the available methods so that we can fix all your problems no matter what the situation you are facing.

This error is basically telling you that there is something wrong with the Epson printer which you are using. The LED screen of your printer might be indicating this error. This error occurs when the user is trying to print something, and the work stops all together. The models which are causing these errors are Epson WF-4630, WF-3640 or WF-7610.

When trying to fix this error, you will stumble upon some websites which claim that if you download their executable software setup file and install the software in order to scan your computer, you will be able to fix all the errors with your printer. These websites have their own spyware embedded into the executable file and we are entirely against the idea of using the executable files which nobody knows about. You might end up installing malicious software and destroying your computer along with all the data inside it.

The worst part is reverse engineering the cause of this error. Of course, there is something wrong with the Epson printer files but the cause of it is still unknown. The problem occurs in the middle of printing and it is so abrupt that tracking it down and killing it is the toughest part of this process. However, worry not, because our technical experts have devised a strategy which will surely solve all the errors which you are facing.

Please note down that this error is most probably not due to any issues in the hardware of the printer. That is why you should absolutely not try to open the printer and do something that you will regret. Our simple fixes will help you solve them without dismantling the printer completely.

Steps to easily fix the Epson error 0 x 97:

Fix 1: Unplug the printer from the power supply

  • Stop all the tasks that are scheduled to be performed on the printer
  • Remove all the cables and wires which are (manually) attached in the printer. Also, disconnect the printer from your computer.
  • Open the printer up and remove the paper which was stuck in it.
  • Remove the ink cartridges and add them again
  • Use the power button (after unplugging) so that any residue power in the printer will be completely turned off.
  • Try to use the printer again after you plug it back in

Fix 2: Clean the nozzles of the Epson printer

  • Switch the printer off
  • Open the case of the printer
  • Use a paper towel and make it moisturized using a liquid which consists of ammonia
  • Place it in the center where the head of the printer moves
  • Now keep the head to the center
  • Keep it like that for 12 hours

Alternatively, if you think it is a software issue, just use the Windows printer troubleshooter in order to repair the drivers of the printer which are causing these issues or update the drivers to the latest version.


Sometimes, there are issues in your computer which are unusual and do not get fixed by using traditional methods. In those cases, you should use antivirus software in order to clean your computer of any malicious thing which might be the root cause of these issues. We are pretty sure this guide will work for all of you. All you have to do is make sure that you follow our guidelines step by step. Good luck!

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