Things to Know about Vivek Kumavat Paintings

I think there is some magic in an artist’s hands because they can convert anything into beautiful art. Vivek Kumavat is such a great artist whose paintings will be an eye feast for the audience. To know about this great personality, we need to start from his background. Vivek Kumavat paintings have a special mark and one can easily recognize them if you have known about his works earlier.

What actually Vivek Kumavat paintings resemble?.

How can someone find Vivek Kumavat arts?.

These are the most frequently asked questions about his paintings. I have added all the “Things to know about Vivek Kumavat Paintings” in the below points.

About Vivek Kumavat:

A 42-year-old man was into painting bulls for the past 16 years.  It was his own thought to create a new style of art with Zebu Bulls.

Vivek Kumavat’s paintings are easily recognizable because his paints depict the Bull i.e Lord Shiva Vahana in it. In Indian mythology, Bull is treated as a representation of truth and justice.

Vivek Kumavat born in 1977 and did his graduation in Fine Arts at Sir JJ School of Art, Mumbai. Being bought up with an interest in arts, his paintings are now known all over the world.

What actually Vivek Kumavat Paintings Resemble?

Kumavat Grand Canvas paintings portray some kind of strength and courage to art lovers. He is such a great artist who can easily picture the division of energies in his paintings.

How can someone find Vivek Kumavat arts?

Vivek Kumavat Paintings looks like a Bull with detailed attention added to it.

A bull is treated as an auspicious mark of God and Indians have a belief to worship them. You know that ‘Nandi’ is the vehicle of Lord Shiva and is valued as a strong and friendly animal. That is the reason why “Nandi Award” is given to those people in the measure of person stamina.

The glory of his paintings:

Even though every image reveals bull in it, each piece of the painting looks unique. His art lies in rendering the Bull in various angles like Dancing Nandi, Kaamadhenu etc. The body of the Bull is portrayed with a series of paintings in which the myths of god and goddesses are drawn. Vivek Kumavat Paintings describes the Indian sculpture, divinity, personalities, etc in a detailed manner. Not only the figures in his paintings but also each colour added to them has some magnetic effect.

“Being creative will turn everything into an outstanding art”.

To create something different, one should be more imaginative and attentive about it. Not all the paintings done with great effort can give that fascinating glimpse. Now, it has become the trend to fill the walls with awesome paintings.

Though the body looks stout, the blissful faces and various personages added to them attracts viewers. Each and every Bull paintings of Vivek Kumavat seems cool and adds peace of mind whenever you see it.

If you are much spiritual, Vivek Kumavat’s paintings will surely grab your attention.

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